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Crime Stoppers is a citizen volunteer organization from the Henderson-Vance County area. The group has, as its primary responsibility the raising of funds to pay rewards. These funds are raised by soliciting funds from businesses, civic groups, and individuals who are interested in assisting the police by offering rewards to anyone who possesses information about a crime. Crime stoppers do this through the operation of a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week hotline. The number of this hotline is 252-492-1925. All calls are confidential and the anonymity of the caller is assured. Information received is passed on the appropriate law enforcement agency, then the caller is paid a reward by the Board of Directors. A member is chosen to make the payment based upon a number assigned to the caller. This number is assigned when the call is taken.

Crime Stoppers solicit funds from businesses, industries, and private citizens to pay these rewards and to operate Crime Stoppers. All of the money solicited is used for these purposes and to pay operating expenses for Crime Stoppers, none of the funds solicited are used to pay salaries. All work is voluntary and unpaid. There is a Board of Directors who operates Crime Stoppers. The members are chosen from the community and from all walks of life.

Three organizations appoint 6 members each to constitute the make up of the Board. These agencies are the Henderson-Vance Chamber of Commerce, Henderson Police Department, and the Vance County Sheriff Department. The Board meets once monthly to conduct Crime stoppers business. During these meetings, the Board reviews old and new business, takes requests for reward payments, reviews crimes of the week to be placed in local newspapers and discusses how to promote Crime Stoppers. One of the centerpieces of Crime Stoppers is a telephone hotline. The hotline is operated 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The telephone number is 252-492-1925. Persons may call this number and give crime information.

All calls are confidential and anonymity is guaranteed.

If the callers desire a reward payment for information, a number is given to the caller. The caller then uses the number in all transactions with Crime Stoppers instead of a name. The Board at its monthly meeting determines that amount of the rewards to be paid. A Board member is chosen to make the payment and meets the informant who gives his number and receives payment. Rewards are not payable to Law Enforcement Officers. Law Enforcement Officers can assist Crime Stoppers and their agencies by directing persons with crime information to the Crime stoppers number 252-492-1925 and explaining how Crime Stoppers work.



The Crime Stoppers logo states the “Crime does not pay… but Crime Stoppers will.” Please help make this statement a reality.


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