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How rewards are paid

Area citizens have volunteered their time and formed a board of directors to oversee the Crime Stoppers program. This board approves the rewards to be paid, based on information about the case presented by the Police Coordinator.

Once the board approves a reward and the caller has called back to check on the case, the Police Coordinator will give the caller instructions on how to pick up the reward. The caller is given secret code information and directed to a local bank. The caller will give the bank teller the code number and after the number has been verified by the teller, the caller will receive an envelope containing the cash reward money. No one ever knows the identity of the caller.

Providing Information to Help Solve the Crime

If you know about any felony or misdemeanor crime, we want you to be able to collect your reward. You must give as many details as possible about the crime when you leave your message.

We need this information to help the police make the arrest and indictment.

Some Ideas of What Information is Needed:

  • What kind of crime do you have information about?
  • How do you know about this crime? Did you see it happen? Did the person who committed the crime tell you about it?
  • Do you know the name of the person who committed the crime?
  • What does the person look like? Color of hair and eyes, height and weight, age?
  • Where is this person living or where does he or she hang out?
  • When did you last see this person?
  • Maybe you know who his or her friends are?
  • Does this person have a car or did you see a car when this crime was committed?
  • Can you describe the car? License plate, color, model, damage to car?


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